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Sept. 18, 2022

Bite: Monkey Paw (Deadwoood Meadery)

Bite: Monkey Paw (Deadwoood Meadery)

Our new series focuses on one craft beer or beverage at a time which allows us to deep dive about that beer/beverage. BITE is the series name which stands for: Beer/Beverage in ten episode. 
The mead we enjoy and focus on this episode is Monkey Paw 9%ABV (Traditional Sparkling Mead, Deadwood Meadery). This mead is made with no additional ingredients for flavoring or mouthfeel aside from the honey itself (well water and yeast too).
We are joined by Tom on this episode and be sure to check out our last episode getting to know him and Deadwood Meadery.
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Tom Nichols


Tom Nichols spent years in the culinary field working in a wide variety of roles, starting off as a cook. It was during his time as a bartender that he stumbled upon the first alcoholic drink – mead. While experimenting and creating new cocktails, Tom learned that mead delivered a unique twist to his cocktails and wanted to learn more about this unique drink.

Deadwood Meadery was created in 2020, resulting from Tom’s need to create something exciting and unique. Driven by his never ending quest for knowledge and his passion to make mead from start to finish, Deadwood Meadery originally started as a hobby in his garage. The exciting, artistic, and different meads that he created were a hit to those who tried them!

It wasn’t long before Tom needed something bigger – a commercial space to accommodate the growth of his unique meads from a hobby to a commercial enterprise. The Deadwood Meadery moved into its current commercial space in 2022 and proudly opened its tasting room doors to the public in August 2022! We hope that you enjoy our unique take on the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage – Mead!