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East vs West Lager Edition

On this episode we go back to a fun bind taste test which features East vs West coast Lager Edition. Dbro & Heron do the blind tasting and try to guess which brewery/coast the craft beer is from that JB picked out. This was a great time that allowed us to put our knowledge to the test again and see if we can identify what we are tasting correctly. We got the Solaris beers from TravBro's (James) bachelor party and JB got the Tripping Animals beers from The Wandering Tortoise on his recent Arizona trip.

The four craft beers we enjoy on this episode are Dark No Mames 6%ABV (Mexican-Style Dark Lager, Tripping Animals Brewing Co.), Wait Until Dark 4.8%ABV (Czech Dark Lager, Solaris Beer & Blending collab with Oscar's Brewing and 8 bit Brewing), No Mames 6%ABV (Mexican Lager, Tripping Animals Brewing Co.), and Family Heirloom 4.6%ABV (Mexican Lager, Solaris Beer & Blending). 

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