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Guess that craft brew and brewery (California Edition)

On the 46th episode of BrewsWithTheHomies Dbro & Heron have some fun blind tasting and trying to guess which brewery the craft beer is from that JB & Travbro (James) brought back from their California trip. This was a great time that allowed us to put some of our knowledge to the test and see if we can identify what we are tasting correctly. JB & Travbro also talk about their trip to San Diego and Anaheim where they visited over 10 breweries/taprooms/bottleshops.

The four beers we enjoy on this episode are Peak Conditions 8.1%ABV (Hazy Double IPA, Stone Brewing), Formless Shadows 10.5%ABV (Triple IPA), Coastal Chaos 10%ABV (TDH Hazy Triple IPA, North Park Brewing), and International style pilsner 5.8%ABV (Pilsner, Eppig Brewing). 

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