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Special Episode: Beer Zombies Chris & Vinny

On the 44th episode of BrewsWithTheHomies we have a special episode that includes Chris and Vinny from Beer Zombies. Thank you to Chris and Vinny for taking the time and making this happen. We are first joined by Chris where we get to know him better, pick his brain about craft beer, and where does Beer Zombies go from here after all this success. After talking with Chris we are joined by Vinny where we talk about the successful opening of the Boulder City location and his journey in craft beer. Following this episode we enjoyed our birthday event where we celebrated Dbro and Travbro, we will recap the event on the next episode.

The two beers we enjoy on this episode are Nectar of the Otter 14%ABV (Barleywine, Horus Aged Ales) and Triple Jasper with Nelson 10% (Triple IPA, Fidens).

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